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"They play a Jack Daniels-doused concoction of southern rock, hard rock and classic metal. Cowboy Mafia lassos you back to the days of fun loud music (early Van Halen, Motorhead, AC/DC) before the Goths and grimacing frat boys shut down the party."

- Julie Garisto, The Tampa Bay Times


Live at Red Star Rock Bar in Tampa, Florida. 

"The Cowboy Mafia Show Beer Goggles Who's Boss (...) Taking cues from hard rocking bands like Motorhead and Social Distortion, The Cowboy Mafia, give every performance their all. They play an electric blend of music they call "punk and roll." (...) Packing the venue at five dollars a head, The Cowboy Mafia lived up to the hype surrounding them in the bar scene."

- Brian Mahar, Clearwater Patch


Demos and live performances of our upcoming album Dance With The Dead.

"Even though the club wasn't packed, these guys played like they were at the Ford Amphitheater. If you ever get a chance to see them around town, make sure to be there. They're one of those truly unique Tampa Bay Groups that actually have some talent."

- Leigh Armstrong, The Tampa Bay Times